Want a Challenging Career in UK? 15 Hardest Degrees You Can Try...

Want a Challenging Career in UK? 15 Hardest Degrees You Can Try...

Published by admin on 2nd September 2022


Want a Challenging Career in UK? 15 Hardest Degrees You Can Try

In this modern time learning new things is always significant and considerable as we master fresh and unfamiliar skills. Students nowadays are more into exploring, which can be in terms of their professional or educational careers.

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Tasting your abilities and updating into a better version of yourself can help achieve great heights in life. Therefore, here are the toughest and most challenging degrees in the UK you can try.

1. Architecture

This challenging degree always comes first on the list because it takes a lot more student time and focuses in terms of calculations, designs, mapping, planning and construction. Everything should be perfect and according to the numbers of the equations. Otherwise, things can collapse to the ground.

An architect has to focus on every tiny management for the best designs of buildings. Hence, because of all of the calculations and mindful planning, a person is only called an architect when he completed 5 years of academic studies in an Architecture degree and 2 years of training experience.

2. Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)

As we know that there is an Intensive need for health care centres around the globe, and at the same time, we all understand that being an expert in health care and medicine is not everyone’s cup of tea. For instance, doctors, surgeons, physiotherapists and nurses have to be available and active at the hospital whenever they are in need. So, mastering BSN is not easy as many thinks. In fact, many consider it one of the most stressful courses all over the world.\

First of all, you got to have the guts to get into this field because you have to go through a very challenging test. Then in all four years, you will be attaining lectures by various surgeons and professional experts. In the meantime, you would have to work under current services doctors to get yourself into the practical nursing world as it is obligatory for nursing students to have knowledge of medical regulations and the health of the patients and to get along with the hospital's cooperative system on a regular basis.

3. Chemical Engineering 

Individuals who have a good command of Chemistry and math can go for a degree in Chemical Engineering. You will be dealing with activities of Thermodynamics and concepts of quasi-equilibrium on a daily basis. Therefore, the one who has pure knowledge about math algorithms and chemistry equations then can try this degree.

Chemical Engineering has to go through deeply with other subjects like kinetics, physics, and analytics. Moreover, with the help of an experiment, students have to measure the speed and design of synthetic components. So, if you're really looking for something related to this challenging them, try your skills in Chemical Engineering.

4. Aerospace

Complexity and higher risks are the expertise of aeronautical or aerospace engineers. Here you learn all about the design and methods of the aircraft, which include the jet control system, flight mechanisms, aerodynamics and many more things in four years. In reality, a true challenger and doer can go further into this field because there is much more risk and self-belief involved. Young people who have a cure interest in aircraft stuff, then this degree is for them.

5. Philosophy

Seeing the world through various perspectives is not a child’s play. There is a need for years of experience in studies and practical spiritual utilising. Questions and a lot of Questions often become the reasons for overthinking in the students of philosophy. However, questions are the first step into the metaverse of philosophy.

Besides, asking questions like who are we? And what is the purpose of human life? It can open the doors of our world’s hidden secrets. But, mastering philosophy can’t be an easy and comfortable ride into your academic career.

6. Psychology

This field is known as the game of mind. Hence, one of the most interesting, strange and toughest degrees all over the UK. In this time of the fast-paced world, it has become quite impossible for people to have their mental peace. In the same way, understanding the minds of people through psychological ways also looks horrible and appealing at the same time. 

There are several things psychological students study, and they do research about human behaviour and relationships. Work on human and animal emotions through psychological methods. If you want to know about the human mind and how it reacts in certain situations, then you can apply for Psychology.

7. Physics 

Here comes the most stressful degree, which involves so much research, math, experiments, technology, and expert experience. This course is rarely selected by the students of the UK. However, it’s an honourable degree which can turn you into a scientist and a well-respected physics professor. 

The score on physics in the UK is very high as technology has taken this world. Students are getting jobs even before their graduation. However, getting along with this degree can be stressful at any time because physics demands a high level of awareness and problem-solving skills.

8. Astronomy

What is beyond human life? And how far can we go up into space? Astronomy is all about space and beyond. Students have to work with mathematical research and physics to understand the dynamics of our upper space. For this degree, you must have a special skill or professional background in electric engineering, biotechnology and robotics. The most difficult element of this course is the calculation of the statistics because you will be learning about space travel, galaxies, the Milky Way, stars and black holes.

9. Fine Arts

Photography can be handy for millions of people. However, creating art with your own hands is not simple at all. In Fine Arts, you are sharing your magic of painting, drawing, colouring and designing with others. Many believe that it is a skill found in special people, yet anyone can try and learn. Along with photography, students have to muster in 3d graphics and modelling, painting, visual arts and animation. These all come under fine arts.

10. Molecular Biology

A career in human and animal genetics is always challenging because it's a deep course in biology, where you learn about the basic and primary phenomena of DNA, RNA, molecules and units of life. Thus, because of the extensive research on genetics, molecular biology can also give students a tough time.

11. Electrical Engineering

Some believe that engineering can be boring. If you also feel the same, then try electrical engineering, my friend. This degree usually takes four years, but most postgraduates prefer a master's as well to get the full command in Electrical Engineering. The main focus of this course is electricity. Hence, getting involved in this kind of work can be risky but interesting as well. There are various elements which can be tough for students, for instance, radio-frequency engineering, telecommunications and microelectronics.

12. Computer Science

Learning about artificial intelligence, programming languages, database systems, and software engineering comes under computer sciences. In the same way, you won’t be following only one specific sub-course because the point of this degree is to understand the dynamics of the computer world. There will be only you and the system in the whole degree. In the end, after learning all about computer engineering, you will have to be a problem solver for data-based systems. 

13. Law

Well, all admire our constitutions and laws. What if we say that study of law can cause so much stress? Yes, doing a law degree can be demanding because you will be spending too much time with lawyers and firms after the classes because this is how the law system works. Moreover, you will be making policies for people, lands and states. Firms are widely known as the best caretakers of their employees. On the other hand, they expect soo much from their employees. Therefore, the new ones will have to go through all the books regarding our constitutions and laws of human rights, criminals, genders and immigrants.

14. Chartered Accountancy 

The banking system is one of the most famous lines of work, and Chartered Accountancy is the game of handling the accounts of clients. In this work in the department, you will learn how to benefit your clients through your trustworthy services. Secondly, having all the records of the bank is also the responsibility of a chartered accountant. Likewise, taxation, corporate financing, business recovery and clients record. 

Statistics and all the record of the economy plays a major role; therefore, students will have to learn the dynamics of taxation, financing and investment in the banks. In simple terms, this degree pursues the full time of the students because of multi-tasks at the same time.

15. Statistics

This degree requires a strong background in mathematics because if there is a degree in statistics, then mathematics will always be connected to it. You will be working on 

All these chapters will be covered with the help of math equations and formulas. Therefore, many believe that statistics are for those who have a love for numbers and equations.


Nowadays, every course can be learned, and every degree can be claimed if you have a positive interest and spark to learn. Secondly, students should also test themselves for their self-growth, and new things also teach you a lot.

Besides, education won’t leave anyone alone. In fact, it has been valid and proven proof of turning the lives of millions of people. Likewise, these were the most challenging degrees in the UK. Choose your intended one and start a new chapter of your academic life.