Smart Ways to Cheat Turnitin | Paraphrase Like a Pro and Avoid Plagiarism...

Smart Ways to Cheat Turnitin | Paraphrase Like a Pro and Avoid Plagiarism...

Published by admin on 2nd September 2022


Smart Ways to Cheat Turnitin | Paraphrase Like a Pro and Avoid Plagiarism

Plagiarism is known as a nightmare for students who are in college because finding plagiarism in a student’s assignments is a dead end. Students nowadays like to pursue their educational requirements from the internet, and they are no longer up to reading academic books. However, copying material from the internet causes plagiarism issues in their assignments. Teachers and professors use Turnitin, the Plagiarism checker tool, to identify the material or data students have copied from internet pages.

Turnitin has become a headache in student's lives. Hence, it is not child’s play to get rid of it. There is a need for proper and skilful hacks to not get caught during Turnitin checking.  Let's find out how effective this online SaaS editor is and how we can cheat like a pro.

What is Turnitin & How Does it Works 

Turnitin is an online SaaS Plagiarism checker software. With the main purpose of checking the copied data from other web websites and pages by the students. This software is owned by numerous universities and colleges to check the student submitted documents, essays, thesis and other assignments. It has been almost 25 years since this app is widely recognised as the top plagiarism checker all over the world.

This app is also beneficial for students as well to produce plagiarism-free content. However, sometimes Turnitin doesn’t allow us to get ideas from internet pages and search engines. 

What is Plagiarism-Free Content? 

When your written essay, thesis, dissertation or any other assignment doesn’t match with internet pages, then that content is called plagiarism-free. In the same way, college administrators only mark assignments that are free from any kind of plagiarism. 

Due to the evolutions of educational apps, there are numerous plagiarism checkers which detect even words. Therefore, students have to be careful during their assignment writing.

Tricky ways to Cheat Turnitin Plagiarism Checker 

There are several ways on the internet to escape from the traps of Turnitin. However, here are the most effective and working alternatives. So, if you feel the same huddles while writing your collages assignment, then don’t worry and learn about these tricky cheats to save from Turnitin plagiarism.

1. Paraphrase The Sentences 

As we all know, if we copy the exact words from the internet, we will be caught by Turnitin. Therefore, try to rephrase and add new words. Moreover, convert one sentence into two. By doing this, your content will look far more different from the resource you have taken the idea from.

2. Use synonyms 

How are you going to use the new words in the paraphrased sentences? Using synonyms can help you adopt the material as your own. So, take your time and find unique synonyms which present the sentence in different ways.

Besides, you can also use transition words to change the pattern of the sentences. And changing the subjects can also help you not get caught in the detection.

3. Add Examples 

People usually don’t use examples because they don’t find them relevant. However, you can add some examples in between the content you are taking from internet pages. Or draft the copied material as an example, and don’t forget to paraphrase the sentences, which is essential.

Furthermore, the examples should be relatable to the context, and it is important to resemble your point of argument. By doing this, the paraphrased material will look like your personal creation. 

4. Change the Pattern of Writing Style 

If the internet source you are aiming for is in narrative style, then you have to write in a describing or informing form. There are various paraphrasing apps which can help you to change your writing style. In the end, do a final rewrite of your writing context before submitting it.

5. Make it Simple & Subjective 

There are educational notes on the internet which are in formal language, and because of their formal academic wording, it becomes easy to catch students through Turnitin. So, use simple language while copying the material.

You are a student, and students don’t follow all the rules of academic writing. Therefore, think as a student, not a professor. When you add your personal opinion with simple language, there are chances of no plagiarism issues in your assignment. 

6. Do Multiple Drafting 

Drafting is the process in which you can design your assignment with new ideas and information. If you believe that your written content is not copied, then after multiple drafting, the assignment can be saved from any plagiarism checker. Secondly, students who copied from the internet have adopted the drafting process, and it has worked to cheat Turnitin.

7. Get Custom Online Writing Services 

This can be the best alternative because this method is quite famous all over the world. There are numerous countries that are furnishing online cheap assignment help to the students. Countries such as Ireland, UAE and Canada are famous for educational help websites. Moreover, these websites have their own experienced writers who write the assignments for the students and, at the same time, take care of plagiarism checker software. So you can also get your assignment done through these online academic assistance websites.

8. Online Proofreading & Editing Help

Just like the websites, there are thousands of individuals who proofread and edit all the plagiarised lines in your assignment. Hence, these academic experts can be found on digital freelancing platforms. For instance, Fiverr, and Those writers are experienced professors who will not change the format of your assignment. They will just make it look Plagiarism-Free.

Final Words

There can be many hacks; however, these are mostly followed by students to save their work from Turnitin. If you really want the assignment and project to get free from this kind of checker, then you have to start writing on your own. These ways which are mentioned above rely on your capability. It is you who have to paraphrase and use synonyms. Secondly, there will be your writing style and drafting. 

Besides, the best and risk-free way is to take help from online writing experts and then learn how they saved your assignment from Turnitin.