Refund Policy

A trustworthy assignment writing service is the Cheap Assignment Writing Service. We have been effectively giving high-quality assignment assistance to all students in the United Kingdom in order to make their assignment submission and test preparation considerably easier. We strive to deliver the finest services possible; however, clients may request a refund in the event of an incident or an error. To guarantee that our clients are completely satisfied, we have created a thorough refund policy that outlines all of the instances in which a refund can be requested. Take a look at the points below to learn more about the policy:

Delivery of the assignments after the required deadline:

Our major objective is to provide papers and assignments to clients on schedule. Therefore, we make it a point to stick to the timelines set out. However, there is a small chance that a technical fault will cause the delivery procedure to be delayed. In this case, please contact our customer service team to discuss your options. We always have a legitimate explanation for order delivery delays, but we will issue a refund if the explanation is unreasonable.

  • If your deadline has already passed and our customized assignment has been of no value to you, we shall give a full refund or account credit.
  • If you used a custom assignment and submitted it after the deadline and the professor deducts just a few marks, only a portion of the entire price will be reimbursed. In such a scenario, you’ll also have to provide us documentation of a grade reduction because of the late submission.

The Quality of Your Assignment is not Up to the Mark or Meets the Requirements:

Our assignments are always of high quality, but we provide a revising option if they aren’t. Unfortunately, you would have to have the paper updated, and if we are unable to correct all of the errors, we would not be able to issue a refund. However, assuming that any of the following conditions are met, the case will be approved.

  • The whole assignment is plagiarized. Even though we have rigorous anti-plagiarism policies and use plagiarism checkers to examine all of our writings, if you can genuinely prove to us, give us an opportunity to edit. We will give you a full refund* or store credit if the deadline does not allow for adjustment.
  • The assignment quality does not meet the client’s expectations. First and foremost, we have a staff of capable instructors that diligently work according to the stated parameters; nevertheless, if there is an issue with the assignment, we encourage our clients to take advantage of our complimentary revision/redo offer until they are completely satisfied. We provide limitless free revisions for the first four weeks. Moreover, if you are requesting a revision, you would not be eligible for a refund afterwards.
  • If the customer is still unhappy after the changes, our quality assurance staff will assess the paper and determine the appropriate amount to return. If the paper has already been submitted, there will be no return.
  • In situations when the client is given a draft, it is their responsibility to check for quality and notify us if there are any discrepancies. If the notified problem is not resolved in the final assignment and has harmed the overall quality, a refund will be issued. Nevertheless, if the difficulties are not reported from the beginning and are later utilized to obtain a refund, there’ll be no return.

The Paper is not delivered:

Clients can request a full refund* or shop credit if they have not received their completed order and the client service staff has not responded for two full working days.

Due to technical difficulties at the moment of payment, an extra fee was incurred:

  • There may be technical faults that result in the customer receiving double or extra payments.
  • If an extra cost was made twice or was unjustified, the client must immediately tell the customer service staff with evidence of two receipts so that we can issue a complete refund* of the excess amount.
  • In most cases, the fault is with the payment company, as well as the consumer will be advised to rectify the issue with the firm in order to prevent additional duplicate deductions.

The client wants to cancel the order:

If you make a purchase and then change your mind, you may only withdraw it within the following 24 hours after placing it. If the writer has already begun working on it, you must continue with it. If you cancel your order within the specified time frame, you can get a complete refund* or store credit. You can also place an immediate order for some other categories of assignments with the same value.

The client failed to get the desired grade:

If you expect us to promise that you will receive an A+ on your assignment, it’s not possible, and we cannot guarantee it. We ensure that you will receive high-quality work with proper formatting, language, and style, but we cannot promise a certain grade because it is totally dependent on your performance during the academic year.

The Student did not pass the paper:

First and foremost, due to our writers’ perfection and professional capabilities, it is impossible for you to fail the project that we supply. However, you can demand a refund in the next 3 weeks in the unlikely event that you fail. The time period begins on the day of your submission, and if you can show us evidence of failure, we’ll give you a 50% refund because the writers are paid up front, and it’s impossible to get the money back from them. Any evidence or complaint received after the three-week timeframe will be ignored.

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